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Our Tik Tok video downloader and audio extractor will help you get that video & save to mp4; or extract audio as mp3

Copy URL address of the video from TikTok app by using the Share submenu.
Paste video link in this box, and tap the button to the right to download video.

How to download TikTok videos in mp4 format?

TikTok Video Downloader no watermark

4kdownload is the best online tool for video download from TikTok. Here you can save Tik Tok videos from their app or www access to your laptop or even smartphone for reaction videos and such. All you need to do is copy video page URL from the app. It can be easily done by using the social Share button. On any platform it will have one of the first options - Copy Link or similar worded function. Link is always available, because you might wanna send it via email or insert into a text message, as they say - word of mouth, so you can always copy the link from TikTok app. Then bring it here to 4K Download and we will help you download the video to your device. There is no watermark in our saved video file. Enjoy!

Convert TikTok videos to mp3 file format

You can always save just the audio track, the music from your video. For that simply select MP3 download option from the drop-down menu of methods to save video from TikTok... Mp3 file can then be reused for some other videos, or you can set it up as your ringtone, and dozens of other uses can be found for a short and sweet sounding mp3 file.

TikTok Downloader WebApp

Add to Home Screen

It's a very basic app, no signup or anything, just this website wrapped in your favorite browser to make it interactive and usable. That's it, literally, so this app won't need updates, doesn't occupy much room on your Android or Windows device, it is basically 'app gold'. Give it a try. Extremely easy to use.

Bookmarklet for access

Download Mp4

If you can't use the webapp, you can still try this bookmarklet. It's really just a bookmark that can do 1 more step for you. When pressed, it will copy page URL that you're on and send you here to 4kdownload along with the copied link. So if you're browsing some video - that's the time try it.